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by admin last modified Oct 31, 2010 05:10 PM
Hawke's Haven, the personal website and blog of Hawke Robinson

I originally started Hawkes Haven as a BBS "way back" in the 1990s. Later it became a gateway BBS to the Internet. I registered the domain in 1998.

It has been through many, many, many changes in software and hardware platforms since then, starting with static pages served up through Amiga, Procomm, and Wildcat! BBS software, then Apache, with php and java variants, and now since 2004 running on Zope / Plone variants. Because of all these transitions, the time stamps on the blogs and such are a mess! I try to correct and guestimate the dates on the postings, but then when I have to migrate to completely different software that has no clean migration path, the process starts all over again. So my apologies for the wonky dates. I am trying over time to straighten them out. The other thing I lose is the photos with eavh move, I have to hand edit those as well. <sigh>.


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