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World's Slowest Pub Crawl

by Hawke published Apr 13, 2016 03:35 PM, last modified Apr 13, 2016 03:35 PM
Brian & I began this year what we have nicknamed "The World's Slowest Pub Crawl"...

Brian is more experienced, I am a complete newb, when it comes to beers, ales, etc.

We decided to increase both our knowledge and experience, and so have been slowly trying out different pubs and drinks.

We began with Poole's Pub on Hastings. The kindly let us try several small free samples of different types, so we could then pick a couple to pay for.

Then in (February?) the next month (yes month), we went to the north Division O'Dougherty's on Hawthorne.

The Barkeep there was extremely helpful and educating us further. We also began reading some poetry and song lyrics as a side activity.

Today we are planning to go to Waddell's Brewery near the "Y"