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Some Proposed Solutions

by Hawke published Jun 08, 2024 09:05 AM, last modified Jun 08, 2024 09:11 AM
A quick summary list of my proposed solutions to big issues.



Water & Energy: the modular nuclear power combined with storage into hydrogen fuel cells that can also be used to generate clear water. see my article on this here:

Taxation: 2-tier flat tax: 0% tax anywhere around the "poverty line" (adjustable) on down, and then flat 15% for everyone else. Adjust entire nation's budget to live within our means based on what that generates. Reimplement the balanced budget mandates of Gengrich 90s, that lead to balance and even surplus.

Healhcare, military recruitment, step-up from poverty generational change opportunity (not guarantee):

No mandate/draft for military, but use what is shown to be an effective enticement: benefits. Many people get government jobs "because of the benefits", and since Obama's administration, that now also includes higher pay than the private sector in many departments/roles. Instead of shoveling more money into food stamps, welfare, etc. for the general public, setup the following stipulations:

1. If disabled, and qualify, then increase disability benefits, but also increase the standards to reduce fraudulent applications. Increase programming for accessible remote-worker training and job placement opportunities based on type and percentage of disability. Research is clear that having purpose, direction, and work as part of a daily reason to get up is hugely beneficial to mental and physical health, quality and quantity of life, including people with all kinds of disabilities.

2. If able-bodied and just temporarily unemployed, continue unemployment mostly as-is, maybe some tweaks, with all of the find work before it runs out requirements, and proof of trying to get work. Provide better new skills vocational retooling and job placement opportunities like in the 80s, including bringing back more vocational programs to junior high and high school.

3. De-emphasize emphasis on college (debt), especially for anyone under 25 years old (neural development-based), and increase emphasis on vocational training and placement opportunities in junior high and high school.

4. if able-bodied but applying for full welfare, foodstamps, etc., if not willing to get into Reagan-like vocational; work-training and placement program, mandate applying for military in order to get benefits. Will get short-term welfare/foodstamps,etc. while while going through military process (with a deadline), if accepted and fully into military, then transition all benefits to military service benefits and completely drop welfare/foodstamps, etc.

5. Significantly increase the pay, benefits, quality for all lower ranks of active and reserve military, while cutting back welfare/foodstamps/etc for general public. If able-bodied and you want welfare, join the military, they will pay well and provide great benefits, with potential life-long benefits for you and your family.

6. Once the above in place, dramatically tighten requirements for welfare/foodstamps, very short-term (unless on disability), they either go into work training/placement or military.