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Projects Overload Spring 2018

by Hawke published Mar 26, 2018 06:39 PM, last modified Mar 26, 2018 06:39 PM
A quick snapshot of all that is going on right now...

Just finished Winter quarter.

Spring quarter will be the last full quarter of classes at EWU and then all that will be left are the Math courses through SFCC.

Spring is going to be a VERY full quarter:

Final Psych course.

Senior Capstone / Senior These Research Project


Here in no particular order is everything else on my plate right now as of March 28th, 2018, 16:30 hours:

Several support issuies with, including PayPal issue, user quizzes, etc.

Moodle updates.

RpgEdu RPG 99-01 Chapters 4 and 5 to finish.

Dattillo book chapter on TR RPG.

RPG Pro gig platform

RPG Research volunteer GM training checklist on specific systems, settings, genres requirements.

Intrinium current project.

New Intrinium project (project #3 for me there since Septamber 2017), intro meeting tommorrow.

Heroes of the Mist show prep. Hoping to launch April 15th (tentative).

Artists tests

artists show scheduling.

Artists contracts signed.

Asst GM needed for Heroes of the Mist.

2x Tech volunteers needed for hotm.

Setup Ubuntu server for hotm Jitsi and Twitch bot hosting.

Character reference artwork for all hotm characters (joe's complete, Marissa's underway, others on hold until money in April).

RPG Trailer repairs $600.

RPG Bus artwork for first side wrap, and rest of wrap, before April 2nd.

First side wrap of RPG bus first week of April: 1300 (break into two payments until mor eIntrinum funds earned from my side consulting). $3000 for whole bus.

Finish wood floor in RPG bus.

Do wood trim for floor in RPG bus.

Get electric brakes switch for bus to RPG trailer.

Get safety chain extension for rpg bus to trailer.

Install trailer wiring to rpg bus for rpg trailer.

Get rpg bus aligned at truck stop/shop.

Install rpg bus benches x2

Install rpg bus table x2

Buy padding for rpg bus benches

Clean up wheelchair lift, spray pain black fresh. Get new padding.

Seat cover for rpg bus driver seat before WSTRA.







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