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Minimum Wage Consequences List

by Hawke published Jan 22, 2017 11:35 PM, last modified Jan 23, 2017 04:06 PM
Several times this month I have been running into people, regarding businesses closing, firing, etc. due to the minimum wage increases. I thought I should start keeping a list as it comes up. I will update as I can.

 The date is the day I either heard about, or wrote it down on this list.


20170108 - Sweeto Burritto - In November/December raised all prices on menu $1.00+. The in January had a piece of paper on the ordering sign that had to raise another $1.00+. Cashier explained it was due to the minimum wage increases, trying to make up the costs. Their average smaller burrito is now around $9-$12, and their large ones around $12-$16!


20170113 - The Man Shop (barber), raised prices $1 to $5 (depending on the cut), stating it was because of the minimum wage hike.


20170122 - O'dougherty's on Division and Hawthorne. "Closing because the minimum wage increase 'pushed it over the edge' in expenses for that location." -





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