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Lifelong Learner, Disgusted with Majority of "Academia".

by Hawke published Jun 26, 2018 04:25 PM, last modified Jun 26, 2018 06:04 PM
Love learning, teaching, sharing, achieving. It appears that most schools and most of of academia have lost site of the purpose (I thought) was to improve the human experience...

I love learning all the time.

For many (most?), the vast majority of schools are a miserable experience, and the bar increasingly set lower and lower, rather than potentially wonderful experience for growth, helping stretch them and improve their outlooks.

I love teaching. Can't stand the politics, mini-kingdom over-inflated-egos, and other ridiculousness that goes on at all levels from preschool through graduate+.

I love researching, experimenting, working with others to achieve great things, and sharing these results with others, discussing what they mean, and trying to learn and improve the human experience through that process.

I am very disappointed with most of "academia", most notably the "ivory tower", "their" "intellectual property" and put so much behind outrageously expensive paywalls like overpriced textbooks, library databases with extremely high costs or university-only access, etc. In their overly self-interested approach, they have lost sight of the benefit of "floating all boats" to improve the overall human experience.

There are many exceptions to the above for schools and individuals (thankfully), but it is painfully clear they are an all too small minority. Please, do all you can not to fall into the same traps.

More to come when I have time.

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