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Example Consequences of Obama Administration

by Hawke published Aug 16, 2016 02:25 PM, last modified May 20, 2017 01:55 PM
Here is a quick summary of how the Obama Administration has been ruining me financially, and the impact this has on the rest of the economy...

I know our family is far better off than most, and for that I am incredibly grateful!

But please people, STOP THE INSANITY! (spiky blonde hair activated!) :-)

Do not vote for more of this death spiral. Do something different and break from doing more of the same. If you keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result...!

There is no way I can vote for the quasi-right-hand nut and no real political experience that is Donald Trump.

And there is absolutely no way I can vote for the quasi-left-hand pathological liar and completely inept and failed political history of Hillary Clinton.

I am going to vote my conscience this year, and vote for Gary Johnson, following more the "middle path", someone that has a pattern of political success. I am also not going to vote for either Democrat or Republican for most of the other federal and state positions this year, even if I have to pencil in others (though I will resist the temptation to write in Cthulhu this year), they have both completely lied and ripped us off for long enough!

An example of the consequences:

Prior to the ObamaCare ("Affordable" Care Act), I had a high deductible ($20k) catastrophic-coverage plan that I was very happy with. It covered my entire family for only about $160/mo, and provided millions of dollars in coverage once the deductible was met.

Fast-forward to Obamacare. First, during the wrangling, I lost any insurance (Because the law made such insurance illegal for anyone over 30), and it just happened on the year that my eldest son had surgery over $35k, which my insurance would have covered $15k, but I had to put much of it on credit cards. 

And I became very sick, with repeated bouts of bronchitis (over 12 times in 24 months), and pneumonia (over 9 times in the same duration), and had to go to specialist after specialist for test after test. Finally after 2 years we found out it was hypersensitivity pneumonitis caused by the kid's parrots. By then I had racked up many tens of thousands in medical bills (much of which would also have been covered by my insurance before ObamaCare.

Then the mandate kicked in, and I was forced to buy insurance with coverage I didn't want and will never need (I am a single full-time parent of 3 teenage boys, we will never need any of the female-related services). I did a thorough spreadsheet analysis of insurance companies, premiums, premium levels, etc. and the best I could get was around $900/mo!!! for a $1,000 deductible (but really there turn out to be all kinds of ACA loopholes in what counts towards the deductible).

We were still trying to determine the cause of my illness when I was pushed into this mandate I never needed or wanted.

This was all around 2010-2014.

This year, the premiums yet again went up another 38%!!! By now, for me and my boys to be insured it was going to cost over $1,600/mo!!! (and no longer including dental for me, or my eldest son, that would be an addition $100-200/mo more).

All the medical bills, combined with far too high premiums for services we can never use, have been putting me on the verge of bankruptcy this year.

My two eldest sons both had emergency room visits this year (one in February, and one in March), one in California, one in Spokane.

I am still months later (August) duking it out with the insurance companies, while the 5 different branches of the ER keep sending nasty letters for bills over $5,000+ USD each!

How does this impact others though?

Prior to ObamaCare, though I was receiving Physical Therapy (PT) for about 5 years, as self-pay (but with low insurance premiums, so I had more money per month available by far!), I was seeing the PT folks 2-3 times per week, the chiropractor 1-4x/month, the neuromuscular therapist  1-2x per month, and a personal trainer 1x/week.

I also had a nanny (students from Whitworth university) for my then younger kids in the mornings for a few hours (due to my injuries, ailments, and medication making mornings too difficult), to help get them up, get breakfast made, etc.

I also had a yard service 1x/week.

And cleaning ladies that scrubbed the bathrooms and kitchen 1x/week (since my back and knees couldn't handle that, and the boys were still a bit young).

I was also hiring contractors to make improvements around the house.

We also were able to eat organics mostly, and go to eat out once per week, usually nice healthier options like Indian, Thai, Sushi, etc.

Now, because of the Obama Administration's tax and healthcare policies, I had to let ALL of them go. First I just reduced them to once per month, but once the ACA mandate kicked in, I had to let everyone go. 

I can no longer afford the medical care anymore, nor the help around the house, nor the home improvements. We can no longer afford the healthier food, and no longer go out to eat, though occasionally get the unhealthy drive-thru specials like Burger King's 5 for $4 deal.

We are eating a lot more Mac n' Cheese, or Beans n' Rice. And now the kids get sicker more frequently due to crappy food.

My gross income is the same (a respectable sum), but my net income is nearly wiped out from all the premiums and medical bills! And meanwhile, all those people I helped employ, have been similarly impacted, because those of us that had a little "extra" to employ them, have all been experiencing the same crunch.

The cleaning lade, part-time nannies, yard work, and contractors folks, all plead for me not to stop using their services, they were experiencing the same cut backs I was implementing with most of their other clients too, it was bankrupting them getting hit all at once!


Obama appeasement foreign policy with North Korea, Iran, Palestine, ISIS/ISIL, etc.

Obama with his appeasement foreign policy is much like Neville Chamberlain and Hitler (famous for his appeasement foreign policy "we will know peace in our time" leading up to WWII in Europe), as J. Michael Stravinksy (J.M.S.) of Babylon 5 put it about Chamberlain's appeasement policy, "believed you could look evil in the face, and smile at it, and it won't bite you. Which, unfortunately, is wrong."... "...because he's afraid of them. At the end of the day you create more damage by peacefully aligning with dangerous forces, than by standing against them.".













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