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Shallow, petty, appearance-driven, busy-body neighbors harass charity efforts for people with disabilities.
by Hawke published Nov 27, 2017 last modified Nov 27, 2017 09:04 AM — filed under:
I'm going to have to temporarily cut back a number of my charity programs because of the beginning warnings of harassment from shallow neighbors. This saddens me greatly about such human beings, but we'll adapt and find a way to bounce back eventually. I always suspected how shallow some of our neighbors were. Last week this was unfortunately confirmed. I am going to try to find property away from such self-involved, shallow, selfish neighbors (though likely will take years to save up for such a move, this is when it begins). This is in the Whitworth University area, North Five mile area, Forest Hills are, of Spokane, Washington.
Stop the Insanity! Fear is the mind killer. Pan-epi-panic-demic
by Hawke published Mar 23, 2020 last modified Oct 10, 2021 10:53 AM — filed under: ,
I am part of the immuno-compromised, and have been for many years, and especially with significant lung damage and on immune suppressing inhaled steroids, etc. Every day I run the risk of a pathogen killing me quickly causing me to drown in my own fluids. I have also worked in healthcare on and off since 1990. I am all for good hygiene, but everyone needs to de-escalate the disproportionate response in their over-reactivity. Adapt good healthy habits that should always have been there in the first place. Stop listening to the conjecture-based hype and focus on the actual data-supported reality, OVER TIME. Remember the data is lacking for years, proper studies take yeas before any real conclusions can be nailed down. Better yet, quit focusing on what you have no control over, and do focus on what you do have control over, that will help down-regulate your fear response, which will help your immune system, and reduce the disruption to societies normal functioning.
Why Working So Intensely Across 4+ Companies?
by Hawke published Nov 02, 2023 — filed under: ,
I was recently asked why I am working so intensely for 4+ companies? I have not yet worked out a simple response to this multivariate situation that has lead to this happening. I will try to work through figuring this out for myself and sharing with others unfolding how I ended up here just as I turn 53.
Shamestorming, shadowbanning, blacklisting, court of public opinion, the modern day Scarlet Letter
by Hawke published Feb 15, 2019 — filed under:
As more and more people ignore the concepts of freedom of speech, especially speech that is disagreeable (the whole point of freedom of speech, it has never been an issue if the speech is agreeable), the days of the Scarlet Letter and the Mob are increasingly rising once again...
Overview of the Issues with My Lungs and Some Health Challenges History
by Hawke published Jan 27, 2024 last modified Jan 27, 2024 04:38 PM — filed under: , ,
Since I've had to explain this a number of times (even though I'd rather just keep such personal struggles private), this comes up enough times that I have to explain it, that I guess it is time I post it here so I can just point people here if they are interested enough in knowing what the deal is when I mention my lungs or breathing treatment issues.
US DOJ forms new "Domestic Terrorism" unit to go after anyone with "anti-authority ideologies"
by Hawke published Jan 12, 2022 last modified Jan 12, 2022 10:58 AM — filed under: ,
Hello Orwell! Bow to your authoritarian masters and do not question or use "questionable" language. You will be assimilated. Resistance will be punished. All your base are belong to us.
China vs. Falun Gong A Report
by Hawke published Feb 26, 2004 last modified Nov 10, 2020 09:31 AM — filed under:
The Falun Gong have recently faced considerable setbacks this year in their battle for freedom from persecution by the Chinese government. An Editorial Opinion (OpEd) piece for Eastern Washington University EWU Eastern Asian History course.
Struggling to dual boot install Q4OS Centaurus alongside Windows 10 on Dell XPS 15 9575 2in1
by Hawke published Apr 21, 2021 last modified Apr 22, 2021 12:39 AM — filed under: ,
I have been using the previous version of q4os for about a year, very happily on my Dell XPS 15 2-in-1. I started having issues and found the the Samsung 970EVO was failing, so backed up everything, and with a hardware cloning device copied to a fresh matching SSD. The Windows side booted right up, but I couldn't get q4os to boot. This was last week. I have since completely wiped all the q4os partitions, etc. in frustration, and have been trying to get just a basic dual-boot install working. The install runs fine, but on boot I get the grub> prompt. Try as I might, I cannot get the grub setup to work on this system. I am logging my battle to get this working here, in the hopes that it may help others in the future.
2008 Crisis warnings ignored by Palosi, Frank, Dems, etc.
by Hawke published Mar 23, 2020 last modified Mar 23, 2020 10:21 AM — filed under:
So sick of the lies by so many about who is responsible for the Great Recession of 2008? Here is proof of who is really responsible, and why.
Science-based reasoning: Japan anti-mandate, compulsion, coercion, or discrimination regarding vaccines
by Hawke published Jan 16, 2022 — filed under: ,
Far more based in reason, science, research, data, analysis and evidence-in-practice, than the hyperbolic panic promulgated throughout much of the US, Canada, etc.
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