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Ooops! I've done it again....

by Hawke published Apr 17, 2018 11:15 PM, last modified Aug 15, 2018 05:32 PM
I have been stating since semi-retiring from computer-science/IT that I "am a reformed workaholic". The past two weeks I'm afraid I fell off the wagon...

I'm in trouble. I am in the home stretch to finish my degree. But it is at a heck of a cost. About 50 to 70 hours per work just for school now, becauses of the final capstone research project. Plus 10 hours a week for Intrinium. Then there are all the efforts with all the RPG efforts: RPG Research, RPG Therapeutics, RPG Trailer, RPG Bus, upcoming presentation at WSTRA, the severely delayed chapter 4, the even more severely delayed chapter for Penn State's Professor Dattillo on Therapeutic Recreation use of RPGs, the even more more delayed research through the WSU IRB on the experiences of gender bias  research in the gaming communnity and industry.

2 weeks ago, just for school, Intrinium, and core RPG Research work, I broke 100 hours. Uh oh.

Then last week, I broke 136 hours!

All while dealing with this horrible herniated disc in my lower back.

This sleep deprivation and overwork is not helping the healing.

But I don't know how I can extricate myself from any of them without diastrous consequences and loss of credibility. Of course, if I collapse, which I feel on the verge of already (definitely not 30 anymore when I regularly worked 90-120 hours a week easily). I'm really having trouble concentrating, my typos that I'm missing are going up exponentially, I'm much more on edge, and really having trouble prioritizing because of the whirlwind of too many First priority demands.

This ia all of course my fault. And it will all be much better after June 15th when school quarter is over, that will lighten my load by about 70 hours a week.

I hope I can hang in there!

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