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Stop the Insanity! Fear is the mind killer. Pan-epi-panic-demic
by Hawke published Mar 23, 2020 last modified Oct 10, 2021 10:53 AM — filed under: ,
I am part of the immuno-compromised, and have been for many years, and especially with significant lung damage and on immune suppressing inhaled steroids, etc. Every day I run the risk of a pathogen killing me quickly causing me to drown in my own fluids. I have also worked in healthcare on and off since 1990. I am all for good hygiene, but everyone needs to de-escalate the disproportionate response in their over-reactivity. Adapt good healthy habits that should always have been there in the first place. Stop listening to the conjecture-based hype and focus on the actual data-supported reality, OVER TIME. Remember the data is lacking for years, proper studies take yeas before any real conclusions can be nailed down. Better yet, quit focusing on what you have no control over, and do focus on what you do have control over, that will help down-regulate your fear response, which will help your immune system, and reduce the disruption to societies normal functioning.
Why Working So Intensely Across 4+ Companies?
by Hawke published Nov 02, 2023 — filed under: ,
I was recently asked why I am working so intensely for 4+ companies? I have not yet worked out a simple response to this multivariate situation that has lead to this happening. I will try to work through figuring this out for myself and sharing with others unfolding how I ended up here just as I turn 53.
Overview of the Issues with My Lungs and Some Health Challenges History
by Hawke published Jan 27, 2024 last modified Jan 27, 2024 04:38 PM — filed under: , ,
Since I've had to explain this a number of times (even though I'd rather just keep such personal struggles private), this comes up enough times that I have to explain it, that I guess it is time I post it here so I can just point people here if they are interested enough in knowing what the deal is when I mention my lungs or breathing treatment issues.
Doing Much, Accomplishing Little of Note
by Hawke published Jan 19, 2022 last modified Jan 19, 2022 09:23 AM — filed under: ,
Now past the half-century mark and assessing impact...
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Researching Puppy Food
by Hawke published Jan 11, 2021 last modified Jan 11, 2021 07:19 AM — filed under: , ,
Now that we have a new puppy, I need to research the best practices to provide the healthiest environment for our new pet.
Split Personality Career Development, Wants Versus Needs Causing This
by Hawke published Nov 02, 2023 — filed under: , ,
Those who care about me often express their concern with the long hours I am working across multiple career paths (often exceeding 120 hour per week). This has been more because of situational needs than desire, though I have struggled with workaholism since around 1995, and I have always been a hyperactive person, this level of this kind of work is not my nature, but due to necessity...
My Car history
by Hawke published Jul 25, 2021 last modified Jul 25, 2021 07:11 PM — filed under: , ,
Top Gear and Grant Tour likes to ask people what their "car history" is, and though I'm nobofy, thought I'd just capture that here, since I have had a somewhat interesting (albeit "poor man") varied history of driving and car ownership.
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How to stop this slow death spiral?
by Hawke published Apr 15, 2021 last modified Apr 17, 2021 09:20 AM — filed under: , ,
I am by nature hyperactive. I have been involved with martial arts since I was 4 years old (1974). But successive injuries and lung damage have lead me to become horribly sedentary. And the combination of issues I am really struggling to try to find a way to turn around this death spiral.
What Has Happened to Mail Delivery Drivers?
by Hawke published Feb 01, 2022 — filed under: ,
We have been having a terrible time getting any of our deliveries lately. Apparently this isn't so much a staff shortage or other supply issues, apparently it is a generational/age issue...
History of Pets in our Family
by Hawke published Jan 11, 2021 — filed under: ,
A brief history of pets in my family