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Drake 2017 Wishlist

by Hawke published Jan 10, 2017 04:30 PM, last modified Jan 10, 2017 04:42 PM
Here is an online version for easier viewing (I hope).


Notes: General comments and notes on various items.

1. In general, paper back books are preferred over hard cover due to the lower price and I also am more than okay with used books.

2. The monitors are desired because I do not own any of my own, or associated cables

3. As with the monitor, I desire my own stereo system and speakers because the one I use at present is not my property.

4. * symbolizes how desired an item is

5. I really don’t mind used items in the slightest, as long as they aren’t horribly disfigured and function without any hugely noticeable issues.



-Blacksmithing for Beginners: Paper/Hardback by Norman Porter **


Computer Items

-Video Games

-Dark Souls 2 PC ***

-Dark Souls 3 PC ****

-The Witcher 1 PC ***

-The Witcher 3 PC ***



-1920x1080 20” or larger monitor (2 Would be Pretty Cool) ****

-Mouse pad **

-Television (Preferably some sort of flat screen item not exceeding 40”) *****


General Electronics


-Home stereo system ***

-Stereo speakers **

-Speaker cables (red black connectors) **

-Audio cables (audio from to stereo, such as RCA to RCA or RCA/HDMI to 3.5mm+) **


House… Things

-Sauder Beginnings 5-Shelf Bookcase, Cherry ****

-Yin Yang Dragon Tapestry Throw Spread 60 x 90 Turquoise ***

-Safavieh Adirondack Collection ADR114B Silver and Ivory Area Rug, 8 feet by 10 feet (8' x 10') ***

-Sauder HomePlus Wardrobe, Dakota Oak **

-Egyptian Cotton 530 Thread Count Solid Sheet Set, Navy Blue, Queen **

-Elegant Comfort 1500 Thread Count Egyptian Quality 4-Piece Bed Sheet Sets with Deep Pockets, Queen, Royal Blue ***

-Ideal Linens Bed Sheet Set - 1800 Double Brushed Microfiber Bedding - 4 Piece (Queen, Imperial Blue) ***

-Sauder Beginnings 4-Drawer Chest, Cinnamon Cherry ***




-Automotive body work tools, lifetime warranty: craftsman/sears/matco *

-Speed Wrench **

-HD New 8 Way Slide Hammer Oil Seal Bearing *

-130+ Amp battery load tester *

-Car Battery charger/starter/maintainer **

-5/16” of an inch or equivalent metric battery terminal wrench *

-Various brushes, for cleaning windshields to engine components *

-1/2 ton transmission jack *

-1,250lbs engine stand *

-Jack Stands *

-Tool Chests *

Fiction Books

-The Wheel of Time Novel Collection, New Spring through Memory of Light *****************

-Dragon Lance Paper/Hardbacks

-Original Trilogy **

-Time of the Twins **

-War of the Twins **

-Test of the Twins **

-The War of Souls **

-Mistborn Original Trilogy Paper/Hardbacks **

-The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson Paper/Hardbacks

-The Way of Kings ***

-Words of Radience ***

-The Lord of the Rings Paper/Hardbacks

-The Fellowship of the Ring **

-The Two Towers **

-The Return of the King **

-The Silimarillion **

-The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant Paper/Hardbacks ***

-Elantris By Brandon Sanders Paper/Hardbacks ***


-Artemis Fowl Complete Paperback collection ** (Katy getting complete set)


-Elantris: Brandon Sanderson ***

-The Kobold’s Guide to Plots and Campaigns ****

-Castle Oldskull Book 4 Game World Generator: Kent David Kelly ***


-AD&D RPG Books (used versions okay) (only used versions generally available, a few reprints)

-Ravenloft x1 **

-Temple of Elemental Evilx1 Complete **

-Player’s Handbook x3 *** (hawke getting x2, 1 old used, and 1 new reprint) x

-Unearthed Arcana x2 ** (hawke getting x1) x

-DMG x1 ** (hawke getting x1) x

-Wilderness Survival Guide x1 ** (hawke getting x1) x

-Dungeoneer’s Survival Guide x1 ** (hawke getting x1) x

-Monster Manual x1 ** (hawke getting x1) x

-Monster Manual 2 x1 ** (hawke getting x1) x

-Fiend Folio x1 ** (hawke getting x1) x

Hawke also getting AD&D 1st Edition Oriental Adventures, even though not listed. X1.

Hawke also getting AD&D 1st Edition Dieties & Demigods, even though not listed. X1.

Hawke also getting Rolemaster 2nd Edition core rulebooks x1.


-Twilight 2000

-Boxed Set ***

-Small Arms Guide **



-Dice **

-Dice bags **

-Notebooks **

-Graph paper notebooks *

-Mechanical Pencils + graphite/lead *


Computer Books

O’reilly Linux Pocket guides – (William getting him set of 3).

PC A+ Certification study guide (Hawke bought, but happy to have be from someone else)

Linux A+ Certification study guide Hawke bought, but happy to have be from someone else)