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Don't Allow Risk of Renewal, Fully Repeal the "Patriot" Act and Associated Components
by Hawke published Jan 18, 2022 last modified Jan 18, 2022 10:57 AM — filed under: ,
Since day 1 I have railed against the Patriot Act. I discussed on many talk shows the "unintended" as well as the intended consequences of this complete violation of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.
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What if income tax was 100% for some or all? Would it be enough?
by Hawke published Mar 10, 2022 last modified Mar 10, 2022 08:16 AM — filed under: ,
A recent (and recurring) debate once again, as in the Washington state news today their "family leave program" is already running out of money, and someone stated "taxes just aren't high enough, especially for Jeff Bezos", but is this true? Ignoring psychology and reality, what does the straightforward math say? Would it be enough?
My Take on MightyWords
by Hawke published Aug 26, 2016 last modified Aug 26, 2016 12:57 AM — filed under:
I was recently prompted by others about discussion of MightyWords Inc. A company where I worked as CTO. In reading press releases and quotes of the CEO, I have a similar but also slightly different take on events I thought I would share here...
Child Labor Protection Laws - Gone Too Far?
by Hawke published Jan 25, 2017 — filed under:
Currently in a course on the Psychology fo Child Development at EWU. We had a section on Child Labor (and abuse) throughout the world. This was my classroom discussion posting.
Example Consequences of Obama Administration
by Hawke published Aug 16, 2016 last modified May 20, 2017 01:55 PM — filed under:
Here is a quick summary of how the Obama Administration has been ruining me financially, and the impact this has on the rest of the economy...
Researching Puppy Food
by Hawke published Jan 11, 2021 last modified Jan 11, 2021 07:19 AM — filed under: , ,
Now that we have a new puppy, I need to research the best practices to provide the healthiest environment for our new pet.
No good deed goes unpunished
by Hawke published Jun 02, 2016 last modified Sep 22, 2016 02:30 PM — filed under:
I am so frustrated with people assuming the worst of others and not giving even the slightest benefit of the doubt about good intentions...
My Car history
by Hawke published Jul 25, 2021 last modified Jul 25, 2021 07:11 PM — filed under: , ,
Top Gear and Grant Tour likes to ask people what their "car history" is, and though I'm nobofy, thought I'd just capture that here, since I have had a somewhat interesting (albeit "poor man") varied history of driving and car ownership.
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Reality About Voter Fraud
by Hawke published Nov 12, 2020 last modified Nov 13, 2020 10:32 PM — filed under:
There is a lot of hype on all sides about voter fraud. Here is the reality.
Equity Versus Equality, Communism, Karl Marx From Each According to Ability to Each According to Need
by Hawke published Jan 04, 2022 last modified Jan 05, 2022 07:49 AM — filed under: ,
In recent years, especially under the Obama and Biden administrations, Socialists and Communists have stopped pretending under the guise of "Progressives" (whom the Marxists consider insufficiently socialist), and have openly mandated "Equity" over Equality, directly in line with the Communist Manifesto an Karl Marx's teachings.