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2008 Crisis warnings ignored by Palosi, Frank, Dems, etc.
by Hawke published Mar 23, 2020 last modified Mar 23, 2020 10:21 AM — filed under:
So sick of the lies by so many about who is responsible for the Great Recession of 2008? Here is proof of who is really responsible, and why.
Stop the Insanity! Fear is the mind killer. Panepipanicdemic
by Hawke published Mar 23, 2020 last modified Apr 20, 2020 10:44 AM — filed under: ,
I am part of the immuno-compromised, and have been for many years, and especially with significant lung damage and on immune suppressing inhaled steroids, etc. Every day I run the risk of a pathogen killing me quickly causing me to drown in my own fluids. I have also worked in healthcare on and off since 1990. I am all for good hygiene, but everyone needs to de-escalate the disproportionate response in their over-reactivity. Adapt good healthy habits that should always have been there in the first place, but stop listening to the hype and focus on the reality. Better yet, quit focusing on what you have no control over, and do focus on what you do have control over, that will help down-regulate your fear response.
Recommend do not use "Delaware Corporate Agents, Inc"
by Hawke published Jun 14, 2019 — filed under: ,
After years of using them (since 2001), they have become unresponsive and worse than useless. They have actually become very problematic for others. We are recommending everyone avoid the organization "Delaware Corporate Agents", Inc aka like the plague! Details included.
by Hawke published Jun 14, 2019
Delaware Corporate Agents review.
Regarding Automotive Innovation, Boring Cars, and Derisive Comments about Capitalism
by Hawke published Apr 11, 2019 — filed under:
This came up from a Facebook posting someone made derisively about capitalism in the automotive industry.
Shamestorming, shadowbanning, blacklisting, court of public opinion, the modern day Scarlet Letter
by Hawke published Feb 15, 2019 — filed under:
As more and more people ignore the concepts of freedom of speech, especially speech that is disagreeable (the whole point of freedom of speech, it has never been an issue if the speech is agreeable), the days of the Scarlet Letter and the Mob are increasingly rising once again...
More opposing voices not fewer...
by Hawke published Aug 15, 2018 — filed under:
As social shaming becomes the latest form of censorship for individuals and organizations, further losing sight how critical liberty is to the lifestyle those against it have become accustomed to...
Lifelong Learner, Disgusted with Majority of "Academia".
by Hawke published Jun 26, 2018 last modified Jun 26, 2018 06:04 PM — filed under:
Love learning, teaching, sharing, achieving. It appears that most schools and most of of academia have lost site of the purpose (I thought) was to improve the human experience...
Ooops! I've done it again....
by Hawke published Apr 17, 2018 last modified Aug 15, 2018 05:32 PM — filed under: ,
I have been stating since semi-retiring from computer-science/IT that I "am a reformed workaholic". The past two weeks I'm afraid I fell off the wagon...
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Projects Overload Spring 2018
by Hawke published Mar 26, 2018 — filed under:
A quick snapshot of all that is going on right now...